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When children are excited about dental office visits, it makes it
easier on everyone!

Sydney Children Dentistry

Starting from your child’s first dental visit, their teeth are in good hands. Our pediatric dentists are experts at preventative dentistry, and helping when problems arise.

some of the pediatric dental services we do regularly

Digital Xrays

we have the technology to offer digital X-rays which significantly reduce exposure to radiation and provide the best available imaging to fully examine the dental structures of your child’s developing mouth and jaw.

Tooth Bonding

Bonding involves applying a white filling material to areas of your child’s tooth that need a little “patching” to improve appearance. The filling is made so it is not noticeable.

Cavities and Fillings

A variety of things can lead to cavities in children. While prevention is key, if cavities do occur, we can help stop the breakdown, or decay, by restoring your child’s tooth

Cosmetic and Veneers

We offer some excellent options for cracked, chipped, or underdeveloped teeth. After a thorough examination, X-rays, consideration of your child’s age and development,


Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tooth, we make sure your child’s experience as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible and have sedation options available.

Special Needs Patients

we believe every child deserves quality, routine dental care, and children with special needs who are at a higher risk of gum disease & other dental issues deserve special attention.

A safe and convenient Environement that allows your child to be calm and compliant for dental care

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